How Accidents Lead To Arrest

An auto accident is something that you do not want to be involved in. An accident can ruin your entire day, cause injuries, damage to your car, liability issues and can lead to arrests. At times, auto accidents are caused by obvious reasons such as drinking under the influence. However, there are cases in which even the most cautious driver gets involved in a car crash. No matter how minor a car wreck may seem, it might land you in jail, and this is how:

By leaving the accident scene: Even if the vehicle damage is minor and there are no injuries, failure to report it to the law enforcement is a crime that can land the both of you in jail

Getting physical: Let us assume that the mistakes of the other driver caused the accident, so you are all over his or her face, you lose control and get physical. This aggression is a direct ticket to jail; keep your calm and wait for the law enforcement to do their job.

Not documenting the details: When you are involved in an auto accident, ensure you get the other drivers information, what you were doing before the crash, insurance information of the other motorist, the street you are and other information.

By neglecting the aftermath: After an accident, make it your responsibility to get the appropriate legal and medical advice as soon as possible.

A good number of people involved in crashes end up in jail for one reason or the other. Once in prison, the only thing driving your mind is how to get out of there as soon as you can. The main way to do this is by posting bail.

Bail Basics

Bail is any cash, bond, or property that the accused (arrested person) gives to court to as a security to ensure that they show up in court at the date of their trial. For auto accidents, standard bail schedules apply to determine the amount required to bail you out.

If you find that the bail price is too much for you, you can request the judge to lower it. Once you post your bail, you are free to go until ordered to come back. Always ensure that you show up in court when ordered to do so to avoid an arrest warrant and a forfeited bail. Alternatively, you can use a bail bond agent to pay your fine for you.

Of course, it is a better idea to follow all the rules after an auto accident to avoid going to jail in the first place.