SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Vs SMM (Social Media Marketing)

Today online marketing plays an important role in just about every type of business strategy. Search Engine Marketing better known as SEM and Social Media Marketing known as SMM form part of 2 main factors for just about any type of marketing campaign online. Both these types of marketing in most cases complement one another.

Search Engine Marketing

•This marketing offers accurate information about a website associated with particular search topics or questions to ensure viewers become attracted to the website.

•Advertisers can place the pay-per-click ads on the search-engine sites in order to achieve well-placed advertisements that potential customers can see.

•Marketers can use Search Engine Optimization on their websites in the way of developing the web content. In doing this the website can gain a better ranking along with more visibility when it comes to search-engine pages.

Social Media Marketing

•Provides opportunities for businesses to communicate in a direct way with their consumers and provide social reporting on consumers behaviors.

•Ads can be targeted on the focused audience and demographic criteria.

•It assists in helping marketers to remain connected to their consumers.

When using search engines, the consumer will express their specific interest or need in a service or product they may want to buy. This need is displayed in the quest, and this means the opportunities to purchase the displayed item in Ads from search queries is much higher.

When using social media, consumers don’t typically make use of social media to buy or look for products. Also, ads displayed are based on the mechanism of demographics and usage and not the relevance of the particular needs of the consumers. This means the tendency related to making purchase decisions is usually much lower.

In conclusion, SEM is the better option for directly based buying decisions, while SMM can assist in promoting products that are not on the minds of the consumer.